I think the title says it all.
I am going to be apart of Willy Wonka Jr.! I will be singing and dancing as  Charlie Bucket. Please pray for a successful play and for the memorization of lines.
I have a realllllllly bad right knee. I got an MRI and nothing's serious! But I still would like no pain or little pain. Please pray for me to have the wisdom to modify exercises and to do what's best.
Junior high goes by so fast but so slow at the same time!!! Please pray for a smooth transition.
Well! School is starting up soon! I pray that students make a smooth transition and remember that school isn't the end of everything! Also I pray for the teachers that they will have the patience to put up with kids all year. The principals deserve a prayer of patience as well and that they can "
Hume Lake, where I attended camp, has over 600 staff members. Every summer they have summer camps throughout the whole summer. I pray for Reveal, the band at Meadow Ranch, that there would be no injuries so they could continue to lead worship. Or for Emily to lose her beautiful voice. The kitchen staff needs patience for the people who just dump their dirty dishes on them. The recreation leaders need to stay injury free so they could run around doing the crazy stuff they do:). Just the staff in general needs prayer of protection and patience for this summer.
I'm headed off to a summer camp that's a week long. The camp is four hours away at Hume Lake. Pray for a safe trip and fun time!
My grandpa slipped in the pool and has broken his hip. Please pray for a smooth recovery for his long weeks of rehabilitation.